The Precious Story:


Precious is a bulldog/pit bull mix, who was abandoned in Stamford, CT. Her story, as with most rescues, is not 100% known. This is her story as we know it after speaking with shelter employees and veterinary staff from the hospital she was taken to.

In the late summer/early fall of 2007, Precious was found with her brother, emaciated, with an infected wound on her neck. She was a sickly 30 pounds and in dire need of medical attention.  Stamford Animal Care and Control took her in and provided her vet care, which included re-constructive surgery on her neck. The wound on her neck was caused by a dog bite, but it is not clear if it was in a fight over food/territory or if Precious was being used for dog fighting.

The staff at the veterinary hospital who worked with her, tell us she was the sweetest dog! Even in a scary situation and being in unbelievable pain, she'd sit with you and give 'kisses', wagging her tail, appreciating the kindness people offered her.

After a long recovery process, Precious was put up for adoption. This is when Kayte (her mom) first heard of her and immediately fell in love with her when she saw her on (a website devoted to finding homes for shelter pets).


Precious went home with Kayte in December, 2007 and has been the love of her life ever since. She has some visible scarring on her neck and it has taken her time to get over her anxiety around food, but she is the most loving, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and insightful dog. Anyone who meets her is instantly drawn to her and she welcomes all with a wagging tail and a sloppy kiss.


​Now a healthy 55 pounds, Precious is an integral part of her family. She is truly an inspiration, showing kindness and love despite her rough beginning.


Project Precious Rescue is for her and the countless animals like her, who without shelters, rescues, volunteers and the many other caring people would not have a second chance. She is the inspiration behind every animal we rescue!